5 Reasons Why Cloud Gaming Platforms Is the Way to Go

5 Reasons Why Cloud Gaming Platforms Is the Way to Go

Gaming consoles and PCs require regular maintenance, and a liquid-cooled rig is not portable. Cloud gaming platforms let you play games from anywhere you have an internet connection. In contrast, PCs and consoles require frequent updates and driver installation. These issues are no longer an issue with cloud gaming because the hardware is maintained remotely and you can connect to your games whenever you want. Here are a few of the reasons why cloud gaming is the way to go.

NVIDIA's GeForce Now

GeForce Now offers a variety of benefits for gamers who want to play their favorite games on the go. In addition to a free-tier, users can access a library of over 1,000 games, including many free titles. The platform also supports a wide variety of other gaming services. With GeForce Now, gamers no longer have to worry about having to install additional software or games.

Sony's PlayStation 4

It's possible to stream games from the PlayStation 4 to a cloud-based platform. Sony has demonstrated its technical capabilities by streaming PS3 and PS Vita games. Even before it acquired Gaikai, the company had demos of the technology online. Now, Sony wants to offer similar services for PS4 games. Here are the ways in which Sony might be able to use cloud gaming to attract more customers.

Microsoft's Project xCloud

While in its early stages of development, Microsoft's Project xCloud gaming platform will only be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and it's currently a free feature with a subscription to the company's Game Pass Ultimate service (which costs $15 per month). You can't get the service on its own yet, and it's unclear when Microsoft will release it as a standalone service. The platform works with the standard Xbox One controller and Android devices.

Amazon's Jump

Amazon's Jump cloud gaming platform will allow gamers to enjoy games on any device, from laptops to mobile devices. It will allow gamers to play PC, Mac, and mobile games from anywhere in the world. With more companies are looking to use cloud gaming, Amazon is making a strong push to make it as popular as possible. The Jump gaming platform will compete with rival cloud gaming platforms such as Stadia and PlayStation Now, and it will also give the gaming giant more competition in the console market.


Boosteroid has developed a cloud gaming platform, which provides gamers with a high-quality experience. The company is working with big video game publishers and developers to bring next-generation gaming experiences to the general public. With a combination of streaming technology, controllers, and a highly reliable network, users can enjoy the next generation of interactive entertainment. The technology will enable users to change the plot of their favorite movies or alter other aspects of the game. The cloud gaming platform is so innovative that it is already leading the way in industry development. It will be a sea-change for the entertainment industry.

Sora Stream

If you've been looking for a cloud gaming platform, you've probably come across Sora Stream. This service is an excellent way to offer unlimited access to video games without spending money on hardware. While some cloud gaming services require extra devices, such as a console, Sorastream offers the simplest system available. And it pairs well with subscription services. Here's what you need to know about SoraStream.

Google Stadia

Designed as a PC or console replacement, Google Stadia was a big hit upon launch in the fall of 2019. However, the platform had many major flaws when it arrived in the market, and users were not able to play AAA titles without paying a hefty subscription. The Stadia early access program required the purchase of a Chromecast Ultra streaming dongle and Pro subscription, and the free tier of the service wasn't available until over a year after the platform's release. Ultimately, this platform created the impression that a cloud-based future is decades away.

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