The Danger of Cracked Software

The danger of downloading cracked software is very real. If the file is not authentic, it could contain a virus or malicious code. Even worse, the file could compromise other devices. Because malware can travel over networks, one compromised device can compromise other devices. So, if one family member downloads cracked software, it could compromise everyone's device. And, the malware may be adware or a ransomware. This is not to mention the performance issues that can be caused by using cracked software.

The Danger of Cracked Software


A new virus known as the Trojan horse is hiding inside cracks of software. Trojans are malware that is disguised as legitimate software. These programs are created by people or companies unknown to the computer's owner. Cracks carry these viruses and are dangerous for enterprise computer systems. While most cracks are harmless, a few are infected with Trojans. To protect enterprise systems from being infected, antiviruses are essential.


The latest example of the peril of running cracked software is a recent Ryuk ransomware attack that resulted from a student's attempt to pirate a piece of expensive data visualization software. Cybersecurity experts say that the student installed the pirated software, which turned out to be password-stealing malware. These attacks are a major concern for computer users. Since the Ryuk virus is constantly evolving, it is essential for computer users to stay vigilant about downloading cracked software.

Password-stealing Trojans

The most common type of password-stealing Trojan is Infostealer, which combs through your device and emails any saved passwords back to the hackers. These Trojans are particularly dangerous because they can steal login credentials and contact lists from instant messaging services. While more recent versions of IM apps have encryption, older IM services are not so safe. Trojans are constantly evolving, so it's important to be vigilant about them and avoid them as much as possible.

Performance reduction

Despite its apparent simplicity, most cracked software has at least one or two risks. Most cracked versions of applications are filled with malware and computer viruses. These threats not only reduce the performance of your computer but also risk losing sensitive information. Additionally, unlicensed software is not accompanied by automatic updates and security patches. It also breaks the copyright protection laws and exposes you to liability. Thus, it is vital to avoid downloading cracked software.


There is a hidden cost to cracked software. Many people have no idea that this software is infringing copyright. They may accidentally run across an illegal website while searching for free software, not seeing the warnings about copyright violations. Others are aware of the risks but download cracked software anyway because the cost is too high to purchase legally. Others use cracked software because the company won't buy the titles. This article will look at what you can expect from cracked software.


Cracked software is a problem for software developers. It allows users to download unauthorized copies of software, typically from peer-to-peer networks. If you download this software, it can compromise other devices on your network, including your own. If you download cracked software on your work computer, you could be liable for the consequences. Moreover, you could be thrown out of your job if you infect your colleagues' devices. 

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