Top 5 Mobile E-Sports in China

While client-based e-sports continue to grow in popularity in the desktop and laptop computer world, the mobile internet is rapidly becoming a popular venue for competition. In China, mobile games have attracted heavy players because of their lower operation threshold, intense rivalry, and higher appreciation value. Mobile games are also becoming a popular outlet for players in other countries. If you are planning to take up mobile gaming, here are some important tips to consider.

Top 5 Mobile E-Sports in China

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Level Infinite. The game has grossed over $140 million outside of China and has been included in several e-sport competitions, including the 2018 Asian Games, the 2019 Southeast Asia Games, and the 2021 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The mobile game is now available in 16 languages and has over 60% penetration in many regions.

There are several ways to bet on Arena of Valor mobile e-sports. There is totals betting, which involves placing a wager on the number of games in a particular match. If you bet on 'Over', you'll bet on a certain number of games. Similarly, you can bet on the correct score of a game by betting on the 'Under' market. The winner of an Arena of Valor mobile e-sport will have the highest score in that match.

Clash Royale

Supercell has made a significant investment in the development of Clash Royale as a mobile e-sport. While other games like VainGlory and Arena of Valor have not achieved their full potential in the West, this may be the first mobile e-sport to achieve global success. Sports Interactive Platform is developing a global platform for sports interaction. Clash Royale is a unique blend of tower defense and card games, and it was built with mobile hardware in mind. Regardless of its unique blend of strategies, competitive aspects, and depth, it was a game suited to the mobile platform.

While the Clash Royale League competition is currently in its off-season break, big names and teams from all over the world compete for championships. The World Championship is held each year, and the best teams from different regions compete in it. This competition is expected to feature major prize pools and a unique presentation. To date, Supercell has yet to announce the exact prize money, but the event will likely feature many exciting tournaments and prizes.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

If you enjoy competitive gaming and want to make your mobile device's your main mode of play, the upcoming 5v5 MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift is definitely the game for you. Its fast-paced matches and unique game modes are sure to excite you. In addition to its competitive game mode, Wild Rift also offers several other features, including the ability to play as a team of five. In addition to this, the mobile game also features ranked mode versus bots. You can also try your hand at the game's tutorial mode.

The upcoming mobile version of the popular PC game League of Legends has been dubbed as a "mobile-friendly" version of the game. While the mobile version does not feature as many champions as the PC version, it does offer more than 81. It also offers less click-heavy game mechanics than its PC counterpart, which makes it a more accessible game for mobile devices.

Honor of Kings

Mobile gaming has become the most popular form of gaming around the world. Games like Candy Crush, Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile each bring in billions of dollars annually. Mobile games also dominate the download charts and gaming revenue in the United States and Europe. With breakout hits such as Genshin Impact, developers like Tencent Games are now looking to expand their audience further with the launch of Honor of Kings. Its players are enthusiastic about its fast-paced gameplay and unique competitive strategy.

A key benefit of Honor of Kings is its social aspect. Players can invite friends to join their team, show off their newly acquired items, or simply compete against others of the same rank in the rankings. While it may be tempting to out-rank friends, you cannot prevent them from knowing your rank. If you're struggling with your game, you can look for an in-game mentor to help you improve your skills and get ahead in the ranks.

Call of Duty

The world of e-sports has seen some interesting changes lately. Call of Duty Mobile, the popular shooter, has recently relaunched as an e-sport. The game has already seen a surge in popularity and is now featured in some e-sports events, including Call of Duty World Championship. A dedicated YouTube channel has already been created to promote the new e-sport. While more details are to come, the game is already getting attention, especially with its new competitive circuit.

Since its release, the game has received numerous updates to expand its viable content and introduce new features for the upcoming e-sport season. Fans are now practicing on teased maps and are awaiting developer announcements of the competition's international competition. It's no wonder the game has grown so rapidly. Its popularity has made it a popular game in many countries. And while it may not have reached the heights of the Call of Duty PC, it's becoming one of the most popular mobile games.

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